Make Staking Great Again.

Get High APR & APY.

Stake BLPT

Earn Extra BLRT To BOOST Your Portfolio.

Up To 100% APY

Double Your Portfolio.

Lock-up Period

Only Lock-Up Your Tokens For 10 Days.

Valhalla Vault (WORM-> BLRT)

– 50% APY

– 365 Days Lock

– 90% Withdrawal Fee

Olaf Vault (WORM-> (BLRT+BUSD))

– 25% APY

– 100 Days Lock

– 20% Withdrawal Fee

#1 Choose Vault

Choose your preferred vault.

#2 Press Create Stake

Make sure you have tokens ready for approval.

#3 Approve Funds & Stake

Easy as that, now you’re starting to earn passive income.

#4 Voila

Venenatis cras sed felis eget aliquet commodo.

Yield Farm

Earn extra passive income by yield farming your BLPT and earn extra BLRT!

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